Systems, components...

Our expert team allows us to provide a comprehensive support suited to the needs of each client, collaborating actively with them in every manufacturing stage of their products:

  • Study of regulations and technical requirements in the production of each manufacturer in order to establish quickly and efficiently the list of legal requirements to be complied with to put in the market its products.
  • Analysis of feasibility to get the appropriate Regulatory Acts for a vehicle type approval, depending on whether it is national or European:
    • Regulations and Directives
    • Informes ‘H’ (local technical reports)
    • Conjuntos Funcionales (local national Approval of accesories)
  • Technical and regulatory analysis of the accessories marketed by our clients in order to determine when it is advisable to process a functional package which allows us to simplify the legalisation formalities applicable to such accessories.

Our expert team allows us to provide a comprehensive and personalised support to our clients.